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Kennedy McMann was at PaleyFest’s 2019 Fall TV Preview where she and several Nancy Drew costars presented the first episode in a special screening and took part in a short panel discussion. Below are previews and links to our archive of the event.

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The CW’s “Nancy Drew” may technically be adapted from the long-running mystery novel series of the same name, but diehard television viewers may be unable to resist comparing pieces of the show to another teenage sleuth series, “Veronica Mars.” After all, both shows center on a young woman who sets out to solve crimes and mysteries in her small town, and each of those young women are living with a single father who supports his daughter’s inquisitive nature — to a degree.

But although both relationships come with a sense of banter and support, there is one key difference at the outset of “Nancy Drew”: When the show begins, Nancy (Kennedy McMann) is already an adult, which greatly affects how she relates to her father Carson (Scott Wolf), and vice versa.

“When she decides to push the boundaries of the law, it’s a felony, and not a casual, cute little thing to do anymore,” McMann tells Variety.

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Kennedy announced on her Instagram page today that she and the cast of Nancy Drew will be making an appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC). Introducing Kennedy McMann will be bringing you all the coverage on October 6th so be sure to bookmark the site.

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CBS’ “All Rise,” the CW’s “Nancy Drew,” Spectrum’s “Mad About You” revival and ABC’s “Mixed-ish” are among the new fall television shows that will present screening and panel events during this year’s PaleyFest Fall TV Previews.

The Paley Center for Media will host this, its 13th annual, fall television event at the Beverly Hills, Calif. location between September 5 and 15, 2019.

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser will participate in a mid-day discussion on Saturday, Sept. 7 after a preview screening of Spectrum’s return to “Mad About You.” Then later, that Saturday evening sees the CW bring its three new series for the 2019-20 television season to the festival: “Batwoman,” “Katy Keene” and “Nancy Drew.” All three will screen their premiere episodes, while talent from both new fall shows “Batwoman” and “Nancy Drew” will take part in panels. While “Batwoman” talent is still to be announced, those from “Nancy Drew” scheduled it be in attendance are series stars Kennedy McMann and Scott Wolf.

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Kennedy McMann and the rest of the Drew Crew were at this year’s summer TCA tour to promote the upcoming October premiere of Nancy Drew. Introducing Kennedy has your best coverage of the event with more to come as photos and videos become available. Previews and links are below.

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Interview Screencaptures:
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CW’s new Nancy Drew, Kennedy McMann, knew she was meant to play the role before she even auditioned.

“I had gotten a text from my agent while I was playing ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ with my friends,” McMann, 22, told the audience during the show’s panel on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con. “She was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Kennedy, there’s a “Nancy Drew” script,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ … and looked up at my friends and was like, ‘Guys, I’m going to be Nancy Drew.’”

When she finally got the script, McMann — who was a nanny at the time — spent the evening practicing her lines while watching the kids.

The new series follows a post-high-school-age Nancy who’s given up sleuthing, but a murder and a local town legend of a ghost gets her back into detective mode.

The CW has put its own spin on the classic character.

“Nancy Drew isn’t perfect in the year 2019,” executive producer Noga Landau told the crowd. “She was always very prim, she did everything right in the earlier books, but now she’s complicated. She has tragedy, she’s lost things, she has complicated relationships with family and friends.”

As for whether or not the Hardy Boys will come through at any point, producers teased, “We shall see!”

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In the spirit of Riverdale, The CW’s new take on the classic Nancy Drew is darker, more supernatural and little sexier than the teen sleuth that we are used to. Comic-Con fangirls and fanboys were treated to a sneak peek at the pilot episode of the new series from showrunner Melinda Hsu-Taylor as well as executive producers Noga Landau and Stephanie Savage which was a spooky hybrid of Veronica Mars and Charmed (yes, I know Nancy came before Veronica). The trio was on hand in Ballroom 20 at San Diego along with the new Nancy Drew Kennedy McMann as well as series stars Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Alex Saxon and Tunji Kasim to talk about this new take on a YA classic.

Hsu-Taylor points out that she did read the original series and connected with the character but wanted to diversify the cast for the new iteration. Yes, the Nancy remains white, but her crew is inclusive and with three women helming the show, Hsu-Taylor said, that she is “proud we are diverse in the casting and behind the camera.”